Amarillo Yard Spring Cleanup

Let us Help with Your Amarillo Yard Spring Cleanup!

With Spring right around the corner it’s time to start preparing your Amarillo yard for the upcoming season. Your yard is due for a Spring Cleanup.
Mid February through March is the perfect time to have your yard de-thatched.  De-thatching is important in the Panhandle due to our lack of precipitation.  Wetter areas get enough rain to promote decomposition of the clippings. The lack of rain in Amarillo causes the dead grass to mat up over the soil.  Several problems can arise when thatch develops into a thicker layer and forms a wedge between grass and soil.

Too-thick thatch diminishes lawn health by:

Forming an impervious layer that prevents water, fertilizer, and insect or disease controls from reaching soil.

Blocking sunlight from reaching lower grass blades.

Holding moisture against grass blades, which can foster disease.

Blocking soil so that grass roots grow into nutrient-lacking thatch, which forms a shallow-rooted lawn.

Creating an uneven lawn, which leads to uneven mowing and scalping.
Along with de-thatching, beds need to be cleaned out, shrubs trimmed, aerating may need to be done, leaves picked up, over seeding thinned areas, and fertilizing.
Call us at 806-674-7407 today and schedule your Spring Cleanup and get your yard ready for the upcoming season.