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All grass varieties should be mowed at or near their optimal mowing height. This will keep grass healthy and dense. Proper trimming and edging not only promote a healthy lawn but also gives it the neat appearance that customers can appreciate.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Focusing on residential lawn maintenance, I will give you the best value to keep your lawn and landscape in top shape.  A great yard needs more than just grass cutting, especially in the Amarillo climate.  The best yard needs regularly scheduled lawn mowing and lawn maintenance.

Mowing requires the most time and labor for a healthy lawn. Grass is designed by nature to grow and mature much higher than our normal mowing height.   The grass blades supply the plant with food and food storage needed to survive Amarillo drought conditions.  Mowing too low and/or too frequently makes for an unhealthy lawn that can’t survive insects, disease, heat or drought.  Uneven growth causes a patchy appearance to your lawn.  Mowing grass at a short, uniform level on a regular basis improves overall growth as the entire yard gets an even distribution and absorption of sun and water.  You can depend on us to understand how and when to adjust to the needs of your lawn.

Your weekly lawn care price quote includes:

  • lawn mowing
  • weed eating
  • edging
  • blowing off the driveway, sidewalk , and patio areas  

Pricing quotes below are based on a weekly service.

$30  – Small Yard Services

$35+ – Medium Yard Services

$40+ – Large Yard Services

lawn maintenance commercial mowing Amarillo
Commercial lawn maintenance improves the health of the grass, contributes to the value of the property and keeps it up to city codes.

I also offer many additional services, please see my Services page for more information.

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