winterizing Amarillo Lawns

Winterizing Amarillo Lawns

Now is the time to put down Winterizer on your Amarillo lawns.


Winterizing Amarillo Lawns does not have to be complicated.  Most commercial winterizers are formulated for cool-season grasses such as fescue and bluegrass. Winterizing the home lawn can help prepare the roots and grass species to over winter and to assist in transition come spring time. Cool season grasses such as fescue, ryegrass, and bluegrass are hardy enough to withstand winter’s cold and snow. Without large amounts of water, they usually enter into a semi-dormant state in the high heat of summer, and revive with the cooler weather of autumn. These are the grasses that benefit from a good winterizing program. Although growth may slow somewhat in autumn, cool season grasses are actually busy building energy resources for winter. Here are a few tips to help your lawn get through winter’s icy blast and emerge in spring looking better than ever:

– Minimize the thatch layer. Thatch is composed of organic matter that is slow to decay. If the thatch layer is too thick, it will affect grass health. We begin Dethatching and Spring Cleanup in mid February. You can also aerate your lawn in autumn (or in spring) to reduce the thatch layer, improve drainage and air circulation, and minimize soil compaction. Aeration will also assist in the uptake of nutrients.

– Deal with the fallen leaves. You can either remove the leaves altogether and compost them (or utilize them as mulch in your garden beds), or you can use the mulching blade on your lawn mower and chip them into small pieces that can remain on the lawn. A heavy leaf layer can be detrimental to lawn health.

– Feed. At this time of year, use a fertilizer high in potassium (the third number on the fertilizer bag). Potassium increases the cold tolerance of cool-weather grasses. If you do not wish to use synthetic fertilizers, a spray of compost tea will do the trick. Always apply fertilizer according to the rates listed on the package; never use more than recommended, as it may burn the leaves of your plants.

Call us and we can help with any or all of these procedures.

Winterizing Amarillo Lawns